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  • Kitchen Lighting Design.
  • Landscapes.
  • Media Rooms and Family Rooms.
  • Single Family Homes.


  • Banks – ATM, Building Mounted, and Parking Areas.
  • Educational Facilities – Classrooms, Libraries, Computer Rooms, Offices, and Back of House.
  • Health Clubs – Lobby, General Workout Area, Yoga Area, Spin Rooms, Offices, and Back of House and Site.
  • Healthcare - Doctor’s Offices and Hospitals.
  • Marinas – Boat Ramps, Floating Docks, Walkways, and Parking Areas.
  • Office Buildings – Lobbies, Open Offices, Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Walkways, and Parking Areas.
  • Parking Lots – Small Commercial (Less Than 10 Spaces) to Large Commercial (More Than 1,000 Spaces).
  • Parks – Roadways, Walkways, Bike Paths, Lighting Signs, and Parking Areas.
  • Public Libraries – General Circulation Area, Specialty Areas, and Site Lighting.
  • Restaurants.
  • Roadways – Local Residential to Multi-Lane Highways.
  • Signage/Facades – Billboards, Roadway Signs, and Monuments.
  • Sports Lighting (Indoor) – Basketball, Hockey, Tennis and Swimming.
  • Sports Lighting (Outdoor) - Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, and Lacrosse.
  • Warehouses - Aisles with Product Racks, Landing Docks, Offices, and Parking Area


  • Airport Departure and Arrival Ramps.
  • Airport Hangars and Aprons.
  • Automotive Tunnels and Bridges.
  • Bus Depot Maintenance Facilities.
  • Hazardous Locations up to Class -1, Division-1-Rated Areas.
  • High Mast for Large Outdoor Operation – Shipping Container Yards/Ports and Train Yards.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Train Stations.
  • Indoor Parking Garages.
  • Light- to Heavy-Duty Manufacturing Facilities.
  • Train/Subway Tunnels and Bridges.
  • Train Yards and Maintenance Facilities.
  • Utility Power Plants.

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