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Our Services

  • Concept meetings to gather job requirements and your vision. 
  • Product comparison studies to ensure the best product for each area.
  • Usage of DWG, PDF, aerial photos, and field measurements as a basis for lighting designs.
  • Computerized luminaire and control layout designs.
  • Preliminary design → Preliminary design review
  • Revise design → Revised design review
  • Finalize design → Finalized design review
  • Detailed product specification sheets.
  • Budgetary pricing.
  • Bid documents.
  • Compliance to the Power Density.
  • Designing according to IESNA-recommended light levels and uniformity.

  • Calculations of Life Safety Code Path of Egress.

  • Calculations of return on investment (ROI) including utility rebates.
  • Confirmation of outdoor lighting to the Town Ordinance and Light Trespass Code.
  • Confirmation of LED luminaire and controls comparability.